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used oil pickup

Used Oil Pickup

Our used oil pickup services are provided to thousands of active generators across 24 states from large manufacturing companies to the smallest automotive repair shop. Learn more.

used filter collection

Used Filter Collection

As with used oil collections, UES has a crack team of filter drivers ready to collect your used filters and assist you with keeping an organized workspace. Learn more


Oily Wastewater Collection

Our expert fleet of drivers can also collect non-hazardous petroleum contaminated water. Our professionals provide cost-effective management of non-hazardous petroleum contaminated water. Learn more.

Hazardous & Special Waste Division

Our hazardous waste team provides top notch service to help our customers navigate the cradle-to-grave responsibilities of regulated and hazardous materials. Learn more.


Vacuum Services

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the vacuum equipment and trained professionals necessary to offer our oil recycling customers a solution to backed-up or slow-moving systems. Learn more.


Spent Absorbent Collection

We offer a range of other services, including the provision of new absorbents to customers and offering the collection of used absorbent materials at customers’ businesses. Learn more.

Spent Antifreeze Collection

Parts Washer Services

Our parts washer services include solvent, aqueous (manual & automatic units). We provide service on-call or as part of a regularly scheduled route. Learn more.

Spent Antifreeze Collection

Fluorescent Bulb Collection

We can support your fluorescent bulb recycling efforts with a simple and hands-off solution. Learn more.

Spent Antifreeze Collection

Our used oil collection drivers can also pick up spent antifreeze as part of the regular collection service we offer to customers. Learn more.

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